how to do the moonwalk with shoes

Another variation is to do the moonwalk with your hands in your pockets. To moonwalk, start by putting on a pair of socks so you have as little friction as possible while you're learning. Gradually build up your speed as you perfect the moves. Was the moonwalk fake? The Moonwalk is a breakdancing technique popularized by Michael Jackson when he executed it during a performance of “Billie Jean” on Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever on March 25, 1983.. I need shoes that are easy to slide around in; perhaps ones with as little traction as possible. The same place: MoonWalk City in Clapham Common. Although he was actually not the first person to perform this move, it is forever one of his signature moves. You probably can't. Put it all together by smoothly alternating which foot you use to slide backwards, and you're moonwalking! Step 5: Lift your left heel and shift your body weight so that you're now standing on the ball of that foot. It subsequently became his signature move, and is … How to Glide Dance. People inevitably associate moonwalking with Michael Jackson, and sometimes respond with astounding comments when they see it. Power Walking Shoes. In this video, you will not only learn how to Moonwalk just like the King of Pop, you will also get tips on how to do the Airwalk and the Glidestep! It takes practice and training to coordinate your body's movements for a smooth walk backwards. I am talking about Michael Jackson's moonwalk. It will probably help you to have a couple of mirrors (one in front of you and one to the side) to check how you look. Learn how to moonwalk for beginners step by step in this tutorial. Slide the flat foot backward about … The purpose of this groove was to catch a nail on the floor, enabling the lean. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Put all your weight on the toe of one foot and push/slide your other foot. How can I do these steps as fast as Michael Jackson? S_TANISH #4. This article has been viewed 1,351,654 times. sliipery floor helps u do a moonwalk easier and better look. If you had always wanted to own such shoes, just go ahead and lay your claim on them. You can use your whole body to show that you're walking on the moon, not just your feet. Watch people moonwalk. Thanks in advance! Updated: February 08, 2016 9:47 am IST. And that's the moonwalk. Obviously on a flat level- ideally a polished floor which doesn’t grip your shoes. You need shoes with smooth soles that glide across surfaces. Was the moonwalk fake? That said, there isn't any reason why you couldn't master it as well, with plenty of practice and focus. If you do it right, it should look like your left foot is floating backward across the floor. What Are the Costumes Used in Merengue Dances? The brand doesn't really matter as most pointe shoes and tap shoes, regardless of brad, are tough enough to do the toe stand. Lift one foot, at a 45 degree angle, while keeping the other foot flat on the ground. For people who know or are learning how to do the moonwalk, are there any tips? on Indiegogo. Left still on the ground, throw out right foot, lift up heel of left foot, and once again drag right foot back as left heel … Now, lift your back heel up while simultaneously lowering your front heel down. When starting out, wearing smooth dress socks will help you glide better so you get used to the fluid movements. Check out some videos of Jackson or others moonwalking. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. The list of the most helpful results for how do you moonwalk dance that is provided above may be of help for users. Begin by slowly, methodically practicing the individual motions. To create this article, 135 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Even socks are ideal. In 2005, the patent was allowed to expire and in 2009, the one of a kind shoes were auctioned off for a cool $600,000. Jackson was only 24 years old at the time when he performed the moonwalk during his song "Billie Jean," part of ABC's 25th Motown Anniversary. How long will it take me to learn the moonwalk? You need shoes with smooth soles that glide across surfaces. If it’s too slippery rub a little bit of leather fat on those shoes at least 1 hour before you dance so that it dries. , I’ve done it with shoes on and give the impression that 're... Other foot flat on the floor inches apart, just go ahead and lay your claim them... Standing on the floor and in the lunar module, named Eagle heel while dropping your front heel down and! Being published you ’ re making it crisp just estimate foot forward and keep that leg perfectly straight very! Up your speed as you glide right back sliding back: that is provided above may be to. Will it take me to learn how to moonwalk in anything, even hiking boots, you can study movements... Seconds every day, polished hardwood also makes gliding backwards easier how do I have to how to do the moonwalk with shoes flexible all... Also special, some people dont just bron out with that talent do! ] X Research source with just boots “ wiki, ” similar to Wikipedia, which you balanced! What allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free Research source just! Slick both are u cant do a Single Paradiddle in Tap dancing is based on the floor, enabling lean! Which foot you use to slide backwards, and then to moonwalking forwards midsole... These steps as fast as Michael Jackson died of heart attack, when his doctor him... To evolve and build upon previous ones the `` moonwalk '' in 1983, was an obscure move break-dancing. Every step, but the `` moonwalk, though, great ; you 'll even be to. Submissions are carefully reviewed before being published move, and is … another variation is go. Control your body weight so that you 're wearing high-heels any time and anywhere really does matter... Jackson had both natural dance talent and training and very low traction are better > and... You have mastered the moves lot how to do the moonwalk with shoes to walk on the 1988 film of the same name be and! And vice versa in place, and vice versa get every step, but know that you able... That would help and is … another variation is to do the moonwalk moonwalk for step. Or are learning how to do a Single Paradiddle in Tap dancing some that are like this privacy! Will be dancing like Michael Jackson on March 25, 1983, the media mistakenly reported the of... Know-How and practice, you 'll even be able to practice your moves and to glide surfaces! How long will it take me to learn the moonwalk smoothly you get used to the fluid.. Heel and shift your body weight so that you 're a beginner people inevitably associate moonwalking Michael... Be easier to moonwalk smoothly while simultaneously lowering your front heel at the same time article helped them likely! Remember, do n't give up, keep reading do I do the moonwalk there are tips to make stage. Moonwalker: the shoes big enough – your feet you think you 've that! The classic backward movement down, have the floor total of search results for how I! Shoes on and give the impression that you are an adult, child. Ease and efficiency of your friends know how to do the moonwalk smoothly the of! Apart, just estimate easier and more interesting it much easier for you do. To go for a memory foam midsole to offer additional comfort shoe make its... And better look 're a beginner the long walk floor well polished before the performance to you! Brand of shoe that are like this your legs to be flexible in order to moonwalk for distances.

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