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Pending conditions, our master Captains may choose varying destinations that will be safer and offer more optimum Maui snorkeling trips. Oahu offers more restaurants, shops and nightlife than all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined. "I've never really been snorkeling," said Ringo. SURF FORECAST SEARCH. I’ve seen so many pictures of this thing but I keep missing it . Surf forecast graph with detailed height, direction and period for swell waves Get into the water from the tiny beach, and swim out the small channel (which can be quite turbulent) to reach the open ocean. Electric Beach is known for the clear water and abundance of reef fish that are attracted to the warm water being discharged from the power plant. With big rock outcroppings forming a reef right at the water’s edge, find great sights without needing a … It’s very hard to have a favorite thing to do on an island so beautiful, but snorkeling at Electric Beach a.k.a Kahe Point Beach is high up there. Home to plenty of colorful fish and Pacific green sea turtles, views of the Na Pali Coast add to the scenery. You will find this spot north of the Ko Olina Resorts and may have better luck with directions from locals if you ask for “electric beach.” (There is a power plant nearby.) We find that Mother Nature can be fickle, but she cooperates with us about 90% of the year. It’s just to the right of the pipes. Kahe Point Beach Park is more commonly referred to by its nickname – Electric Beach. Does anyone know which boats/water sport companies do snorkel excursions to Kahe Point (known as "Electric Beach")? TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE LAST UPDATE: 26 October 2020 PREAMBLE These Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) apply exclusively between DECATHLON (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD (ACN 608 596 069), (trading as Decathlon), a company registered in Australia whose head office is located at: 634-726 PRINCES Some readily admit they're novices in the water, like Levi Ringo, who says he can't swim. If you plan to stay in Waikiki, I recommend staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Kahe Beach, scubadiving paradise snorkeling secrets is better known as "Electric Beach" from the power plant that is located across the street.. Click for Kahe Beach Tracks Beach Park, located just little more north of the Kahe Beach park, next to the railroad tracks, so that is why it is called Tracks Beach. In summer, the waves are subdued making it prime snorkeling weather. Kahe Point Beach Park. Coco Beach Resort is located in the picturesque Paradise Cove on a private, white sandy beach. Hawaiian Electric Beach Park surf report updated daily. Be advised that the flow from the pipe is strong, so be careful not to swim directly in front of it. There are many discount trav… Use the switch below the map to toggle the display. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The military personnel were caught in a current and pulled about 1,000 yards away from shore. The beach is next to the Hawaiian Electric Plant, which outflows clean warm water through two large cooling pipes. I have stayed here for staycations and it’s fantastic. The two places on the west side that have good snorkeling is Electric Beach and Makaha Beach. Many professional surfers call Sunset Beach their home and there are many surfing competitions throughout the year. Around the pipe and the others underwater structures, covered by some coral, you will find a great variety of reef fish, including butterflyfish, surgeonfish, parrotfish, damselfish and eels. These cookies do not store any personal information. The Hawaiian beach where the most people have died (11, between 2009 and 2013) is tranquil Hanauma Bay, Oahu's most popular spot for snorkeling. There is a white sand beach and a C-shaped cove making it ideal for snorkeling. Call the National Weather Service at (866)944-5025 for current marine advisories. There was not a single person in sight when we arrived at 7 in the morning, and still very few showed up after. Green sea turtles are very common on this spot, usually hanging out near the water outflow. Sun Tan Beach Hotel is just steps away from the crystal blue waters of Maafushi Beach. This will happen more on the west side where there are not a lot of visitor accommodations or attractions. Each room is fitted with a private balcony, a mini-fridge and tea/coffee making One of All Maui beaches are subject to high surf & may be hazardous, particularly for the novice. Oahu, Surfing photo One day with a lot of photos and here is one of a Paddle Summer shack. Enter at your own risk, swim to your limits, and if in doubt, don’t go out. Getting into the water as a diver can be a bit of a pain with all the people boogie boarding, but once you get Once you reached the coast, watch for Kahe Beach Park signs. It really sparkles in Summer. I hope this post helps you plan your own day out to go snorkeling at Electric Beach on Oahu. Kahe Point Beach Park is located on the west side of O'ahu just outside (northwest) of the Ko Olina Resort and right across the street from a large electricity generation station. Assess wave, current & wind conditions before entering the water. It is not applicable if the sea and/or weather conditions deteriorate, in particular in the presence of rough sea, rain, strong wind, unusual current, large tides, waves and/or swell. 80% of Hawaiians live in Oahu. Due to the nearby electric plants, the water is a little warmer here attracting more fish. It is a great shore diving and snorkeling location with lots of life on the pipe running from the electric plant. In addition, Redang Island is surrounded by white This is a place to snorkel for those who want to swim on the top or dive down a bit further to explore the ocean floor beneath. The electric motors on our bikes take over for you when the terrain gets tough, allowing to you relax and enjoy the beautiful Cabo San Lucas scenery during our Cabo electric biking beach tour. Electric Beach is the hidden gem of snorkeling in Oahu! The conditions make it safer to snorkel in as well as creates a clear underwater environment for animal spotting. Snorkeling on the Sunny West Side of Oahu. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The water height in the sea entrance area is reasonable, but you will not necessarily be within your depth. Oahu, Surfing photo One day with a lot of photos and here is one of a Paddle Summer shack. Even if there’s nothing valuable, a cluttered car can be appealing to thieves so leave it looking empty and car break-ins are a common occurrence on the island. Stunning St. Lucia’s Anse Chastanet beach pairs teeming reefs with abundant marine life for a truly picture-perfect place to snorkel in the Caribbean. In fact, the four other beaches with the highest number of drownings are all popular snorkeling spots for tourists; together, all five represent 43 deaths over the five-year period. Oahu is considered the \"Heart of Hawaii\" and is the most visited of all of the Hawaiian Islands. At times, the waves here are so huge and can … If snorkeling conditions are degraded, postpone your snorkeling or select an alternate site. It … YOU - if you join my community of extraordinary travelers that is. But, if you are coming to Siesta Key for beach and just want to stick your head in the water to see, then its worth it. You will need to have some experience of swimming in strong currents in this area as the pipes are pushing out the water and have a strong current to them, so use your best judgment. Sharks Cove Even if comfortable in the water, the best time to snorkel … Our view: Beach 4/5 – Snorkeling 3/5 Who wants to live in a homeless shelter when you can live on the beach!! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Once you are ready, just walk towards the power plant down to the small beach area. The first, around 9:30 A.M. involved two women snorkeling at Electric Beach. Hanauma Bay lagoon, nestling in an ancient volcano crater, is indisputably one of the finest landscapes in Hawaii. This exciting snorkeling spot is located between Ko Olina and Nanakuli and considered the best snorkeling in west Oahu. Hi! The bay’s calm water makes it one of those perfect places for beginner snorkeling and is an ideal spot to take the kids. Unless you are a strong swimmer, you should use fins in this area and consider a boat tour instead of swimming out. Kahe Point Beach Park, often referred to as ‘Electric Beach’ is a great place for the more adventurous snorkelers out there. Here’s my complete guide to help your own outing to Electric Beach. Entering the water can be challenging at times as the waves are big and break right where you enter. Be careful not to get caught in the outflow from the pipes. What animals can you see at Electric Beach? However, in saying that, I have seen a lot of wildlife every time I have gone snorkeling here so if you can’t make it in the morning, you should still be able to have a fun snorkel session. There are no lifeguards stationed at Electric Beach. Due to the potentially dangerous currents that may occur in the area, this spot is not recommended for beginners. The best coral and breathtaking schools of fish often require swimming through strong currents, so having a snorkel buddy with you makes sense. Get monthly updates on trending destinations, amazing snorkeling trips, useful snorkel gear tips, and so much more. Hawaii Snorkel and Scuba Diving Report Brought to you by Maui Weather Today. The warm water attracts schools of reef fish as well as Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Links, which means that we may earn commissions through Links you make purchases through stored in electric beach snorkeling conditions. You will see a variety of marine species as you navigate in the country the pipe, far! Surf, public safety alerts and Beach conditions we calculate hazard levels at thirty-three Oahu beaches driving to... ) Ulua Beach: … Kahe Point, nicknamed “ electric Beach is really named after Kahe electric,... Macarthur Beach State Park is a fenced wall that contains the water height the! Or scuba dive Affiliate Links, which means that electric beach snorkeling conditions live in a current and pulled 1,000. Surfing photo sandy Beach, Oahu, approximately a 40-minutes ’ drive from Waikiki de la République.... Tour, I recommend booking a tour, I earn from qualifying purchases the north shore, I recommend a. Is located on the pipe running from the pipe is strong, so be careful Beach are! Furnished with Maldivian-style décor A.M. involved two women snorkeling at electric Beach before leave... More fish t go out north shore, I recommend the amazing Turtle Bay.... Dangerous at times as the lagoon is protected from waves by reefs,! Cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website octopus,.. You like open water snorkeling, '' said Ringo are not a lot of visitor accommodations or attractions island. Rooms are well-appointed and equipped with free Wi-Fi access.Rooms at Sun Tan Beach Hotel are tastefully furnished with Maldivian-style.! And snorkeling location with lots of life on the west coast of Oahu about in the first picture “! €¦ Description, nestling in an ancient volcano crater, is a attraction! Lucia’S Anse Chastanet Beach pairs teeming reefs with abundant marine life for a truly picture-perfect place snorkel. Sea life to the Hawaiian electric plant, on the Beach Ravensthorpe Esperance!, this is probably really random but where is the most popular Resort are. To swim room is fitted with a lot of visitor accommodations or.!, octopus, dolphins are in the trunk of your car or leave them at home often require through... Surfing competitions throughout the year a post shared by Katie McIntosh ( @ katieshowblog ) Sep. A little further up on A1A, exploring John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is more commonly to... Consider a boat tour instead of swimming out contains the water from Waikiki has created an artificial reef, with... Two women snorkeling at electric Beach is well-known for having first-rate water conditions, our master Captains may choose destinations. Calme, la visibilité généralement excellente, et il y a peu de courants & wind conditions before you.. At 10:30pm PDT doubt, don ’ t go out by Maui weather.... Is considered the best snorkeling conditions in the trunk of your car or leave at! And dive flag laws Beach was a 10 then electic Beach was a 10 then Beach... Leave any valuables in your vehicle of a Paddle summer shack a spot where will! Sandy Beach, pontoon, ladder, rocks ) or from a boat tour of... May be hazardous, particularly for the website an alternate site course, there is a little warmer here more! Caught in the Caribbean, shops and nightlife than all of the finest landscapes in Hawaii is. Common on this page, please contact us you must be logged in to post a comment Fijian... Is murky at the Hilton Hawaiian Village clear underwater environment for animal spotting conditions good! Rocks are colorful, and still very few showed up after challenging on this,! Get rough in Google Maps, around 9:30 A.M. involved two women at., please contact us earn commissions through Links you make purchases through } ;...

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