how to report a scammer in nigeria

Be sure to forward the email and copy it's headers (click here to see how) into the email you send to the provider . Nigerian Scams: How to Catch a Scammer. If you got a phishing email or text message, report it. Please add comments about this scammer. They just need access to your bank account to set up the transfer. NIGERIA! SCARS™ Scammer Gallery: Yahoo Boy's Cars Seized By The EFCC Nigeria Thousands Of Cars Are Being Seized By The EFCC (Economic & Financial Crimes Commission) Of Nigeria These scammer owned vehicles are taken during their raids of Yahoo Boy hideouts along with other property and assets. If you believe you have been tricked or scammed by a Nigerian scammer, do the following immediately: Report the scammer to the site you have been communicating with him/her on. Because they have so many people on their payroll — about 30 percent of scammers' earnings go to paying bribes — it's difficult for Nigerian and international policing agencies to track down specific individuals. Keep on scrolling to get a free lesson on how to scam a scammer (while also laughing out loud reading it). With the explosive growth of online dating, Nigerian scammers now have dating profiles. These heartless fraudsters, known as Nigerian scammers, are much, much worse than your parasitic ex. Leave the report at the bank, tell them how cast down you are and leave them to handle the rest. Nigerian 419 Scammers can be reported to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Report Scammer Details: Report the latest scams and frauds. The whole investigation would take weeks, months, or years. Netherlands authorities are also interested in receiving copies of correspondence (pertaining to a Dutch address If you think it’s a scam, report it to the FTC at They might also use your money to buy prepaid credit cards, set up new accounts, or buy expensive goods to ship abroad. The AFP will continue to monitor the situation and suggests you ignore such letters and advise others to do the same. NOTE: Un like the Mafia system, depending on his level of expertise and business abilities plus associations and influences, a Nigerian-style scammer* may belong to multiple organized scam networks. A convicted internet fraudster has been placed under investigation in Nigeria for allegedly masterminding a "mega scam" from a maximum-security prison worth at least $1m (£773,000). They know how to suck you in. For example, if a scammer is using a Hotmail account to send scams or spams or receive replies, you can report it to Hotmail. Typically, 419 email scams show overt signs of deceit. How to Recover Money from a Scammer in Nigeria On today's version of making money online , we're are going to discuss on ways to get back your money if you fall into a scam. How was contact initiated and which website did the contact originate from? How to Recover Money from a Scammer in Nigeria On today's version of making money online , we're are going to discuss on ways to get back your money if you fall into a scam. Weird Tricks To Drive Sex Offenders Out Of Your Neighborhood, Open Data Isn't Scary — Here's How To Use It For Your Advantage, register a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, extra vigilant about building relationships. Nigerian scammers take billions of dollars every year from unsuspecting victims. KLPD, Financial Crimes Unit, Post Office Box 3016, 2700 KX Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, Attention: C. Schep Nobody can help but you. But we won’t talk about all kinds, because our site is … By Athar Ahmad BBC Panorama.

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