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Whatever that face, shall be faced together. Wiz: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long. In "Menagerie", Fennec Albain claims that Ilia would be elated if Blake returned to the White Fang, implying they used to be close. In the seventh… Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Blake is seen leaving Adam at the end of the "Black" Trailer. there's bg yang/Blake but its not super focused atm There’s a sprinkle of bumbleby in here because I can’t control myself There’s like the teeniest tiniest bit of bumbleby in there so make do with that XD to which Yang responds "Easy there wolfy, you haven't even bought me dinner yet!". Nyaa. In "True Colors", Blake vows to stop Adam from further tarnishing the name of the White Fang. Blake was surprised at first but smiles anyway. In "Necessary Sacrifice", Blake tells Sun her summary of Adam has changed throughout their time together. They appear to get along well, although due to Blake's silent and rather introverted personality, they do not talk much. In "Necessary Sacrifice", Blake associates Weiss with the word "defiance". After a lengthy battle, Blake and Yang finally manage to mortally wound Adam, who tumbles to his death over a waterfall, having been impaled with the broken halves of Gambol Shroud's blade. In order to enact their plan to steal an Atlesian airship, Yang Xiao Long drives Blake Belladonna into the forest where the Argus relay tower stands, in order to disable the radar so they could discreetly head for Atlas. In "Seeing Red", Blake states that she will always be by Yang's side., In season 1, episode 6, Yang is cut off from telling a joke "And I said, 'Bumblebee? See more ideas about Rwby, Rwby fanart, Rwby bumblebee. Yang is the one in the air atm. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. Post Season 3 finale, Yang is moaping around the house, Blake comes to convince her to come back to the team but needs some convincing. You’re not one to back down from a challenge, Blake.” This shows that she genuinely believes in her, even if Blake may not think the same of herself. Before Blake can protest, Ruby interjects and says that all that matters is that she’s safe. Blake then expresses her opinion on their current situation and doesn’t want to ambush a huntress who’s just trying to help. The ship that Blake was on and Yang later rode in Volume 5 was named. We present you our collection of desktop wallpaper theme: RWBY Yang.You will definitely choose from a huge number of pictures that option that will suit you exactly! In Volume 4 Sun is wounded by Blake’s former friend, Ilia Amitola. Canonical? However, she accepts that he is going to be accompanying her on her journey home to Menagerie. This is a piece I wrote for my Yang Roleplay Partner in the Skype group I RP as Velvet for. Kali is Blake's mother. After Blake accidentally reveals to the team that she is a Faunus and was in the White Fang, Weiss becomes distrustful of Blake and questions her loyalty. Rep your favorite formidable duo in style. The first arc of the manga closely followed the storyline of the four trailers, while subsequent chapters explored original storylines. Tags: rwby, ruby rose, weiss schnee, blake belladonna, yang xiao long, rwby volume 5, rwby volume 6, rwby volume 7, rwby volume 8, action, new, anime, weapons Blake at first seems to have no patience with the two, only wanting to get back to her book and being alone. Later, while she running out of Beacon, she re-encounters him and is later seen drinking tea with Sun. Blake and Yang and one of … While still in the White Fang, Blake was on friendly terms with Ilia, enough so that the latter told her about a painful part of her past that motivated her to join the White Fang. RWBY is an American anime-style web series and media franchise created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth. Adam thinks Blake saved him time bringing herself to him but realizes that she did not come alone showing that he is wrong knowing she brought reinforcements: her parents, Sun, Ilia, the people of Menagerie and the Mistral Police force. Even though Blake is known to be the cold and mysterious type, Yang makes her smile on several occasions after they become partners. In "Seeing Red", Yang and Blake work together to fight him. However, all feelings of affection that Blake may have harbored for him dissolved following the Fall of Beacon, as she admits she has given up on him despite still hoping to save Ilia. She is close enough to know about his phobia of water as she tells her teammates during Team SSSN's match in "New Challengers...". I sat up and stretched with a yawn and a glance at the alarm clock. She says that they shouldn’t have to fight her battles for her, that she alone should deal with the consequences and that if she left they would never be hurt by her past ever again. Yang replies she knows she won't. During the events of "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back" and the present day events in the "Volume 5 Blake Character Short", Ilia displays an unwillingness to use her weapon to harm Blake, actively fleeing from conflict with the latter. However, in "Necessary Sacrifice", Blake decides to try and help Ilia to save her from Adam's influence. In "Downfall", Blake arrives at Haven Academy telling him to stand down and surrender peacefully. In one of the positions she is teleporting in, she pats the bed then winks at Yang. RWBY has been adapted into a manga series written and illustrated by Shirow Miwa. She has become worried that his influence and ideals are dangerously contagious to those around him. She is surprised and frustrated that the White Fang work with him. However, after the Battle of Beacon, after Yang's right arm is cut off by Adam, Blake runs away from her team out of fear that they will be harmed again if they tried to help her again. In "Arc Operatives", Blake is flustered and visibly blushes when Yang tries to compliment her new haircut. Despite having only three encounters, Blake quickly comes to dislike Roman, partly because of how he treats Faunus. In Chapter 4, Yang asks Jaune "Do you think she thinks less of me, for not helping out with Amity? Teammates; Mutual Romantic Feelings They later make up when they realize that they had all been under the influence of the Apathy. However, after a talk with Yang in "Burning the Candle", Blake ends up going to the dance with Sun, who she comments "looks better in a tie". She tells Blake about her childhood, and how she continues searching for her mother. They are still their own characters, they’re just different from who they were before and very likely different from who they’ll be in the future depending on how long RWBY lasts. Ruby is Blake's fellow schoolmate, leader and teammate. Type (?) Bumbleby by 9rdaley3 with 417 reads. After they successfully kill Adam, Blake breaks down and embraces Yang and tells her that she swears that she will never break her promise to her, to which Yang replies "I know." Volumes 4 and 5 for the most part do not have any physical interactions between the two, but there are moments when they talk about or mention each other. Sun thinks that’s ridiculous, and replies that they help her because they want to, and both he and Yang would gladly go through what they had again if it meant protecting Blake. It made her believe that Blake thinks she isn’t strong enough to go back up against Adam, and she pulls her hand away from Blake’s. In "Welcome to Beacon", it is revealed that Ozpin and Blake share a conversation following the events of the episode "Black and White". In Chapter 1, Blake is seen to give a sad glance to Yang as she leaves after disagreeing with Ruby's plan to stick together as a group. She along with Yang are annoyed at Marrow when he suggests both of them should go separate missions until both of them prove him wrong by taking down a Beowolf together. In Chapter 2, Blake is adamant about finding out what Roman Torchwick is plotting. They both were like the same sides of a magnet once put together they refract. In "A Night Off", the two of them go to a dance together, and Yang is seen teaching Blake some dance moves. Femslash Blake and Yang are teammates in Team RWBY and partners. At first, Blake is nervous about greeting her mother because it had been a long time since the two have seen each other. Beyond that, Blake and Yang spent two volumes apart before the team reunion at the end of V5 and almost immediately separated at the start of V7. In "Our Way", when Blake apologizes to her teammates, feeling that she was responsible for the Leviathan's attack on Argus after failing to disable the radar tower, Ruby reassures and consoles Blake and the two hug. Character He falls off the edge and into the water below, now dead. Blake desperately tries to fend off Adam's constant attacks but is ultimately kicked on the ground by her old partner, prompting her to call him delusional. Bumbleby is the femslash ship between Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna from the RWBY fandom. 6,164 notes. Yang is Blake's teammate and academy partner. Yang is a fair-skinned young woman with lilac eyes and bright golden hair worn loose that fades to pale gold at the tips with a cowlick sticking out at the top, greatly resembling her mother. After Yang defeats one, Blake kills the other with a single attack. The fandom considers the song "BMBLB" created by Jeff Williams (feat. Luckily she is able to hang on, but now Yang is left to fight Adam until she’s able to get back up. Blake makes Yang promise that she will not change and that Yang did what she thought was right and regrets it. After reuniting with Ruby in the underground city, Blake smiles when Yang hugs Ruby. When the battle is done Blake slaps him and demands an explanation. Together, they make up the huntress team of RWBY and together they are nigh-unstoppable. During their mission in an abandoned Dust mine in "Ace Operatives" Blake is comforted by Weiss after she pointed how Faunus were exploited and possibly died in the mine before and during the accident and smiles and put her hand on Weiss' shoulder after she apologized for the pain her family caused to Faunus. 8:25 am. Blake ran out of her dorm quickly upon realizing this, with Weiss later questioning whether Blake should really be part of Team RWBY. Also Known As She then declares to Adam that she and Yang are protecting each other as they hold hands together. ", to which Jaune says that Ruby is her sister and no matter the disagreements, will always love her. If you already have an account, Log in. She wanted a Yang x Blake piece. They were stated to have a mentor-apprentice relationship,[1] and Adam was also referred to as Blake's "crazy, abusive ex-boyfriend".[2]. In "Welcome to Beacon", Ruby is worried when Blake expresses her concern about the White Fang. And I’ll hurry back.” Yang smiles, telling her to go, and keeps gazing at her long after she leaves. In "Necessary Sacrifice", Blake reveals to Sun that she has associated each of her former teammates with a single word that describes their traits. After a White Fang lieutenant defeats Weiss, Blake shows concern for her teammate and flees with her to avoid getting injured. During "Heroes and Monsters", Blake is highly distressed and fearful in Adam's presence. When Nora confesses how she's struggling to understand herself and her relationship with Ren, Blake claims that growing close to somebody that they become apart of you, but remember that you should never forget the rest, in reference to Yang. In Chapter 5, Blake suggests that her and Yang search other buildings in the town they are staying in for vehicles. Blake is likewise annoyed at the prejudice Weiss shows towards the Faunus, taking it personally in the process of defending her race. In Chapter 5 during the morning montage, there are flashes of team RWBY progressively getting more and more tired up to the point where Blake falls asleep on Yang’s lap, and Yang rests her hand on her arm. Yang takes her there on Bumblebee, her motorcycle, with Blake holding onto her. While they are running away from the Apathy in "Alone in the Woods", Blake is surprised when Yang grabs her by the hand as they escape. Blake gives her the book The Man With Two Souls, which she doesn’t read at first but eventually does for her. Probably trying to gross Ruby out. After the Battle of Beacon, Blake ran off without informing her team. Blake bluntly refuses, wishing to avoid unnecessary attention. I've been rewatching RWBY episodes and reading a lot of Bumblebee fanfics in anticipation for the finale next week, and I realized just how cute Yang and Blake are together, so here you are. In "Haven's Fate", Blake assures Ruby that she is not going anywhere as the team is fully reunited. In "True Colors", Blake saves her father from Fennec's last attempt to kill him by using her weapon to pull him to safety. Blake and Yang's eye colours match each other's aura colours (Yang has lilac eyes, and Blake's aura is purple; Blake has amber eyes, and Yang's aura is yellow). Sun also tells Blake that running from her problems to "protect her friends" doesn't solve them, it only makes the problems worse and hurts the people she loves. Blake argues with her at first, until Yang hugs her and tells her that she doesn’t need to stop, but she should get some rest, “not just for herself, but for the people she cares about,” showing that she cares about Blake's health and well-being. iamconsent. As it stands, so far the only people who know she was in the White Fang are her team and Sun Wukong, which in turn is a secret kept even from Ozpin. Enjoy! This may be due to the fact that Adam has no regard for innocent lives, as seen when he plans to detonate a bomb with the crew members still on board; thus showing that she had had enough of White Fang's aggression and violence and had no disdain for human life. Despite both Blake and Yang's hesitation, the two are reunited, and the entire team RWBY shares a meaningful group hug. Enjoy! When Blake urges her teammates that they should do something about their enemies, Ruby agrees to help. In "A Much Needed Talk", it is revealed that Blake had parted angrily with her parents due to their decision to leave the White Fang. After the Battle of Haven, Blake shares a group hug with her teammates as Team RWBY is reformed. The Marrow Edge will not.. $20.00. Quotes In "Downfall", as she reunites with her teammates again, Blake calls out Yang's name first. Silver Eyes. One day Yang takes her to a saloon and they both get Sunflower Pops, which Blake is seen putting the bottle cap from hers in her pocket.

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