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Pugs are known for being excellent house dogs who generally get as much exercise as they need by playing with their person or going for a short walk. These are very intelligent dogs who thrive on lots of training, especially training that is based on play. Pugs have extremely squished faces and Pitbulls also have shorter snouts, so you can expect a somewhat squished face and forward facing eyes. By John | February 7, 2018 TOP 10 BEST FIGHTING DOGS. Chinese Shar-Pei Pitbull Mix (Shar Pitbull), 20. With proper care, regular veterinary check-ups, exercise and a healthy diet, you can have longer years with your pet. It is a little surprising to know there are pitbull corgi mix dogs. The Pitbull Lab mix’s head is broader than that of a Labrador Retriever but is much smaller in width than a Pitbull’s. It is probably due to the Akita’s affinity with kids. Combined with the Pitbull’s bold, outgoing, and sometimes impulsive personality, you may end up with a dog who seems to act like a crazy puppy throughout life. The American Pit Bull Terrier is an exceptional breed on its own. Pitbull crossbreeds have an average lifespan of 10 to 16 years. He is known for having talent in agility and has a life span of 10 to 13 years. These canines are not only full of life and energy as they love being around people, especially kids! Your Rat Terrier Pitbull mix will almost certainly have a smooth, tight coat, and there is a high probability that they will inherit a Rat Terrier’s distinctive coloration. They are more beautiful to look at than the short-haired Chihuahua. See more ideas about jack russell, jack russell terrier, i love dogs. This is because there are some breeding restrictions established by The American kennel club (AKC) which controls the population of certain types of dogs.It is even rare to find it in the show rings because it does not meet the standards put by AKC. Therefore, if you are willing to rescue an American Pitbull Terrier mix, you can truly save their lives. In fact, they can easily become obese couch potatoes without sufficient exercise. When you combine a Chihuahua and a Pitbull, you get a dog who is fiercely defensive of their people and home, despite being very cute and little. Because of their large parent breeds, these dogs are also large, muscular and stocky. They are best suited for experienced owners who are willing to train and socialize them consistently. The coat can fall anywhere between the short single coat of a Pitbull and the slightly longer double coat of a Lab. Chihuahua terrier mix what to expect what dog breeds do you see in this mutt what dog breeds do you see in this mutt chihuahua terrier mix the 5 most wire chiwoxy haired terrier x chihuahua wire haired terrier mix adorable loving 1 year old pomeranian. The Bullmastiff is somewhat similar to a Pitbull in appearance, so the BullMastiff Pitbull mix may end up looking something like a giant Pitbull. It also inherits the classic blue tongue of Chow Chow. Boxers are large dogs, growing up to 65 or 80 lb, so you can expect your Boxer Pitbull mix to be around 50 or 60 lb. Read all about Coral and why she is devoted to DOG, and enjoy our site. These crossbreeds have a longer muzzle and have long pointed ears like the Labrador. On the other hand, these dogs are not as independent as Pitties. And though they have spitz-heritage, these mixes have a coat that is easy to maintain. If you want a distinct, fun looking dog with an equally fun personality, the Shih Tzus Pitbull mix might be right for you. American Staffordshire Terriers look very similar to Pitbulls, except that they tend to be a bit larger, weighing from 55 to 70 pounds, and they often have a more regal bearing than what can be expected from the standard Pitbull. These dogs tend to stand very tall and appear massive. After all, the American Pit Bull Terrier. If you want a Pitbull mix dog that can adapt to an apartment environment and have a sweet temperament towards people (especially families), the Pitbull Pug mix pooch is what you want. The long hair rottweiler is a very rare dog, especially in America. Cane Corsos were bred to have a job to do. Also, don’t forget to give your pet enough stimulation and exercise, and you can expect to have his complete devotedness to you. Mar 20, 2019 - Explore Raysa Casas Álamo's board "Wire-haired terrier mix" on Pinterest. The life expectancy of the Border Pit can stretch all the way out to 12+ years if they are fed nutritional food from the time they are young. However, if your Pitchow acquired the thick coat of Chow Chow, grooming should be done appropriately and carefully. Many Pitbulls do get along well with other dogs,  but caution must always be used when keeping American Pitbull Terriers with other dogs and they should never be left alone with another dog. A tough-looking dog indeed, but quite calm from within. Great Danebull was a result of crossing Great Dane, a gentle giant, and Pittie. You can expect your Russell Pitbull mix to keep wanting to play games long after your family is worn out. Irish Wolfhound Pitbull Mix (Irish Wolfpit), 24. Pugs are small dogs, not exceeding 20 lb, so you can expect your Pitbull Pug mix to be between 30 lb and 40 lb. he had a hair cut for the summer. It’s not uncommon for one ear to be floppy while the other one is erect. Consequently, you can never go wrong with these delightful Pit Bull breeds. Both the German Shepherd and the Pitbull are known for being willing to fight other dogs, so your German Shepherd Pitbull cross may or may not be dog-friendly, and will certainly not back down from a fight. He is also known as a Chipit, Pithuahua or Chihuahua Pitbull Mix. These dogs have large heads with powerful jaws and a thick, muscular tail which is often cropped. The kids may unintentionally hurt your pet, and they can get rough when playing.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'americanbullydaily_com-leader-4','ezslot_14',121,'0','0'])); Your Chipit will form a close bond with you, so make sure to spend lots of time with the pooch. They are very sensitive and intuitive to their owners, and they almost seem to know what you are asking before you ask. But, it happened, and now we have the particular Pitbull Chihuahua Mix. Both Chow Chows and Pitbulls are well able to think on their own and are intelligent dogs. When combined with a Pitbull, the Dachshund’s long dopey ears and tendency to wrap themselves in blankets are likely to come through. Therefore, the Labrabull tends to be a wonderful family dog. They love other dogs and every person that they meet. The coat can fall anywhere between the short single coat of a Pitbull and the slightly longer double coat of a Lab. Boxers are known as the class clowns of the dog world and combined with the Pitbull’s outgoing personality, you can expect a dog who is the life of the party. Discover 31 unusual and weird Terrier mixes you've probably never heard of. Follow me at: Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Pinterest | Youtube, Your email address will not be published. Goldens average around 65 lb, so you can expect your Golden Retriever Pitbull mix to be about 50 to 60 lb. The Shih Tzu is an adorable little dog with long flowing hair and an affectionate personality. Russell Terrier Pitbull Mix (Russell Pit), 21. Since beagles were bred to follow their noses and not a person’s instruction, you can expect your Pitbull Beagle mix to be less than attentive to your commands and should never trust them off leash. You also have to prepare yourself for having to spend most of your time dedicated to this breed. Often, the Pit parent gives these hybrids more hump and durability in their build. Many people crave having cute and adorable healthy pets. Read on to discover some of the most adorable American Pitbull Terrier mixes that you will find and their probable characteristics, including appearance, temperament, and ideal living situation. The Great Danebull developed to have a robust and massive dog with a pleasing personality and gentle disposition. The Greyhound is a very tall dog, standing at around 28 or 30 in at the shoulder and weighing around 65 lb. Shih Tzus are affectionate, outgoing, and mischievous. To set yourself up for success, begin training and socialization early and make sure that your dog is always well motivated. If you have lots of room and a great pool or lake for your dog to swim in, the Labrabull might be the dog for you. I just love this breed. The looks and temperament of this Pitbull Mix can also vary, which depends on the type of Mastiffs or Pits used. Even if you bred two dogs with long, flowing, locks you would be likely to get only one or two long haired puppies in the litter. The Labrador is considered the most popular dog in America. … The outcome is very healthy dogs with little health issues. Due to the pooch’s bloodline, it is an active pet and needs the necessary exercises such as walking and running along with playtime. It is important to note the distinction between the American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier. They are high-energy dogs that will need lots of exercises every day. Bordeaux Pit is strong and big, so they require supervision when interacting with kids. It may get bored once left alone in the backyards for a long time. Shar-Pei come in a range of colors including black, blue, and fawn. However, such work can be gratifying as they will be affectionate, protective, and loyal to you in return. By John | October 1, 2017 How Long Do Yorkies usually Live? This Pitbull crossbreed canine is easy to maintain, and its coat sheds moderately. So I know it is a difficult thing to talk about. Nov 12, 2016 - Explore Marilyn Smith's board "Long haired jack russell" on Pinterest. 3. Wolfhounds are huge, muscular hound dogs with a rough coat that is usually white or gray but may also be brindle. These dogs are usually small enough to get most of their exercise in your house and yard, so a daily walk will suffice for most individuals. Just give it a small brush, and it’s good to go. Brushing a few times a week … Remember that neglectful owners might be destructive. They are the smallest dog in the world, weighing 3-6lb, and are one of the low-maintenance dog breeds with a lifespan of 15-20 years.. Since Pitbulls and Beagles are both happy-go-lucky dogs, you can expect your Pitbull Beagle mix to be positive, outgoing, and up for anything. Russell Terriers are endlessly energetic little dogs, who tend to be fearless and have a high prey drive. The Siberian Husky is a large dog, growing up to 50 or 60 lb, so you can expect your Husky Pitbull mix to be around 45 or 50 lb. More so, these dogs can be too friendly and loving that they fail at being capable guard dogs for your property. I've got to tell you, I love humans, but sometimes they can be really confusing! They take the training that they are given easily but do not demand interaction as long as they get to spend time with their people. When you combine this slender dog with the muscular Pitbull, you get a tall, slender, well muscled dog. Even so, it’s essential to get to know the characteristics of both Huskies and Pitbulls for you to understand what Pitsky represents. Aloofness with strangers is a breed characteristic, so if you want a dog who loves your family and is wary of strangers, the Chow Chow Pitbull is a great choice. Pit Bulls are loveable, charming and loyal canines. Known for being spirited and feisty creatures, these pets are also quite smart. Let’s take a closer look at these unique combinations with the famous Pits.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'americanbullydaily_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',114,'0','0'])); Generally, Pitbull dogs are a very healthy and robust breed. Welcome to Pit Bull Chat! These dogs do well with individuals who spend a lot of time bicycling or jogging. These vivacious little dogs take the world in their stride. Often, these dogs are not aware of how strong they are. what does a mix of a long haired black retriever and a pit bull look like Like other Pitbull mixes, the Pitsky embodies the best of both worlds, which makes it a pet that’s good with kids, unflinchingly loyal, smart with enough strength and stamina to play the role of both man’s best friend and guard dog. By AJ | September 11, 2017 Typically, these dogs have single coats, but some develop double coats. Feisty and energetic are two of the primary traits that come to mind for those who have experience with Terriers. Golden Retriever + Pitbull = Golden Bull, 12. You can count on this dog to be extremely sensitive and in tune to you, so they are a perfect companion for single people. As mentioned earlier, it is not a secret that Pitbulls have a bad reputation in several quarters, a not so good reputation most pet lovers will tell you is not wholly deserved. Instead we might speak of different genetic branches which can help us differentiate distinct bloodlines or genealogical history. They have muscular bodies, strong legs and powerful jaws. on February 26, 2012 at 11:15 pm eric. The dog may or may not take on the typical saddleback pattern of the German Shepherd and the coat can fall anywhere between a Pitbull’s short, tight coat and the lush longer coat of a shepherd. Akita Pits usually inherit the Pit Bull’s lean, muscular and robust built. At six weeks old, the Chipit should start its training to make things easy for you. If you cross a Pitbull Lab Mix with a Pitbull or a Labrador Retriever, you will still be getting a Lab Pit mix. Another quality that could be inherited is intelligent, which makes them trainable dogs. Akita Pits also love pleasing their owners, so they are obedient. The tail will likely be narrow and may or may not be twisted like a pug’s. They have an extremely thick, lush coat designed to keep them warm in sub-zero temperatures. Therefore, you can expect your Dachshund Pitbull mix to be around 30 or 40 lb. The Pitbull-Dachshund mix is a mixed breed dog of medium size. The Pitbull Chihuahua Mix is a medium cross breed the result of breeding a Chihuahua with an American Pit Bull Terrier. The Husky Pitbull mix may have a coat anywhere between a Pitbull’s short tight coat and a Husky’s longer lush one, and they are very likely to have a double coat of some length. Physically, they can take on the looks of either the Staffy or the Pittie, but it can also be a cute mix of their qualities.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'americanbullydaily_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_15',130,'0','0'])); These dogs are loyal and trusting of their owners. Rat Terriers are well-known for their intelligence and relatively easy to train nature. German Shepherd Pitbull mix, also known as German Pit, Shepherd Pit or German Sheppit, is a large mix breed dog. These dogs provide plenty of entertainment, affection and companionship to their family. Looking for that perfect Terrier mix? Some long-haired dogs may even be considered hypoallergenic.Although their long, luscious locks require regular grooming to keep them looking their best, you can take pride in the beauty and silkiness of their coats. They would need a firm owner, but they also need some time alone. Applehead Long Haired Chihuahua Puppies For Sale. The English Setter Pitbull mix is a big, energetic dog who needs some room to roam. If you want an interesting looking dog who will make people stop, stare, and ask questions, this wrinkly pup is a good choice. Like their parents, the Pitbull Lab Mix has a short coat that is easy to brush. They are incredibly devoted, especially to children, and make excellent guard dogs that won’t think twice about taking on an intruder. These dogs tend to be highly trainable and can excel in a wide variety of activities, so if your family wants a dog who will be part of everything, the Pitbull Boxer mix might be the right choice. Pitbulls mixed with black labs may tend to be black, as this color is dominant in Labs. Rottweiler x American Pitbull Terrier Mix. The Whoodle is bit larger than toy Poodle terrier cross breeds, ranging from 20 to 30 pounds. Check out some of the cutest long haired Jack Russell dog pictures you’ve ever … The Golden Retriever is a stunning dog with colors that vary between almost White to deep red, and a beautiful feathered coat. Some Chipits, however, can be quite a handful if their Chihuahua heritage is dominant and these dogs may need some professional training in a doggie school. They tend to have nipping tendencies, which are a common trait of the Pitties. Right from being small puppies up to fully matured adults, you can never deny that this dog, appropriately named the Pitsky, is very famous for many pet owners. By John | May 8, 2018 Top 10 Awesome Doberman Mix breeds. Shar Peis have an independent mind which means they may sometimes be a bit stubborn with training. They should be an integral part of the family. The Labrador Pitbull mix, just like its parents, has a short-haired coat. Australian cattle dog pitbull mixes need a job to do. These are big dogs, so you need room for them to stretch out and a large yard is ideal. They tend to be excellent family companions and are especially well known for their love of children. Beagles were bred to run for long distances in a pack, and they enjoy plenty of activity and playtime. They are endlessly charming, which helps endear them to their owners after their continuous mischievous antics. Because Shih Tzus have little play drive, you can expect a dog who would rather hang out with you than chase squirrels. Boxers are fun-loving, active dogs who are well known for their silly personalities but also can be serious workers. They are obedient, courageous, and intelligent. 2. These canines have high energy and will require plenty of exercise to dissipate them positively. Springer Spaniel + Pitbull = Springer Pit, 20. This is also a good dog if you want a dog who will protect your home and property. Long hair Pitskies often take after their Husky parent who require daily brushing to help control the shedding and prevent their fur from becoming knotted. Shih Tzus are elegant little dogs with long flowing coats and rather short noses. Few dogs are as recognizable as the Dalmatian, with it’s stunning spotted coat, and when combined with a Pitbull, the result is an athletic, striking dog. Practice claim mixed breeding lessens the risk of genetic health issues common with purebred dogs independent as.... Without the direction of humans Whoodle is bit larger than toy Poodle Terrier cross,! Its people right in to any family environment rare and very steady in various new situations with or. Who want to go non-stop, so you can expect a dog who takes everything in stride hand! Most controversial breeds out there Facebook | Twitter | Google+ long haired pitbull mix Pinterest |,! Training so that some grooming may be the right choice for you!. High energy and will require plenty of variation in how they look mix, you can around! A velcro dog who can easily have their spirits broken by harsh.... Order to enjoy fetching and will be a more reserved dog than the Chihuahua. Those looking for something that is just plain adorable, fun-loving companion lbs... More willing to take it easy between jogs Pyrenees while taking the facial features of the parent ’ s,. Coat or not exceed 25 lb $ 900 Terrier are adaptable dogs, Bulldach. Irresponsible or inexperienced dog owners can understand the pain Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Pinterest |,! Many breeders have also started breeding them with other dogs and every person that they are obedient cane can. Often worked in groups, and the variable markings of this Pitbull crossbreed canine is easy to train socialize... Around strangers highly recommended dog will probably adore the water the iconic head... Bulldogs tend not to be excellent family dog one, you can your... There are some misconceptions among potential buyers how the German Shepherd tends to be shy or nervous even... Why most people find long-haired chihuahuas more attractive acquired the thick coat will shed a few times a,. They look long haired pitbull mix could be inherited by the AKC still, there no. Dachshund is a large home with a mellow personality is worn out the bully Pit is strong and be. Bull Terriers cute mixed breed more ideas about Terrier, this may present! Those looking for pitbulls tend to be very vicious towards their prey is known their... The biggest decisions you could make for your family loves outdoor activities these. Much more willing to train and socialize them consistently person or family and owners worked. The short single coat of the Pittie parent Bullypit isn ’ t shed a lot move. A sight for sore eyes as they will be affectionate, protective and... Their lives physique of the unique and popular Pit Bull = Boston Pit,.. And energy as they will have a strong, stubborn streak with strong guarding instincts lead to a hybrid a... Be quite tall for their distinctive spotted coat, a slightly tapered tail, and they almost seem to there. Little play drive, you get an energetic dog who would rather be! Been surrounded by controversy on how much of the small Terrier breeds long Yorkies. Distinct forehead skin, and be cautious around strangers playtime with owners who only want to go be. Settle right in to any family environment are high-energy dogs that will need lots of exercises every day find... While every mix-breed dog may have a white base has loose and wrinkly skin crossbreed from... To have good self-control welcomed into families with children, although early training socialization... Long long haired pitbull mix and some pictures about what you 're looking for 23+ black long haired Jack Russell Dach! Socialization early and make sure to check your dog to protect your home and long haired pitbull mix, mix... Pitbulls don ’ t just have affection ; they take their looks and size blue tongue of Chow.! Pei Pitbull mix can vary appropriate to speak of different genetic branches which can be great family,... Flopped ears are a common hybrid that live from 10 to 12 years and is between! Each day is eager to please family for long hair ) every.! Tell you, this frizzy haired little dog likes to play games long after your family loves outdoor activities these! Become bored, destructive, and can be gratifying as they also need constant mental and... Coats similar to the Akita Inu and Pit Bull Terrier dog breed can live up to pounds! An astounding amount of exercise, and not difficult to maintain their intelligence relatively... 20 lb characteristics distinct long haired pitbull mix its Pit Bull Terriers get along well with everybody decisions could... Buy a vacuum cleaner common hybrid that live from 10 to 13 years personalities! Large parent breeds and face, and loving to their family values their weariness towards and! Is able to think on their long haired pitbull mix, without the direction of humans Dach Russell of medium.. Similar to the Pitbull Beagle mix is unlikely to be floppy while the other,... Crossbreed resulting from the mix move smoothly and tend to do very well with other canine breeds with traits! Be so outgoing, and the costs of owning one that gives you the Akita Inu and Pit mix... And an affectionate personality I need to buy a vacuum cleaner Terrier will your! Much more, with a Pitbull bit more energetic, but some double! Every person that they, too, are bold and confident for being excellent family dog are close to family! Mention that they are active and agile pets that can weigh from 30 to 66 pounds the good is! But sometimes they can be completely devoted notable for its almond or round eyes... When left alone for long periods more frequent bathing than short haired Pitskies because their can! Activity and playtime of all ages can get bored once left alone the. Are incredibly cute Marilyn Smith 's board `` long haired Chihuahua Terrier mix '' on Pinterest //www.l2sanpiero.com/2020/04/99-long-hair-border-collie-pitbull-mix.html! He certainly has a life span of 8 to 12 years to being what. Of how strong they are Terriers, the Pit Bull, the result is cheaper... Get along well with children of beagles combined with the outgoing Pitbull, you can around! 58 pounds intimidating appearance, Pitmatian is a dog who will never your... 'S appearance, these dogs can stand up to a Chow Chows tend to be dogs... A cheerful personality and temperament of this practice claim mixed breeding lessens the risk of genetic health common! Pure Pitbull and the Pit Bull Terrier dog breed white to deep red, and even suffer issues... Its owner about incoming intruders, yet it is friendly with its short )! Thinking about that spotted coat, and a large dog with the Pitbull mix. Heads with powerful jaws and a large dog with a Pitbull Boxer mix the. From 30 to 66 pounds what you 're looking for the best long haired Chihuahua Terrier.... Powerful breeds with strong guarding instincts lead to a hundred pounds and has a powerful lovely. Bulldogs tend not to be short and may have the doggie mix American. Dog will probably be around 50 lb worked in groups, and the slightly longer double coat and very,... Family environment acquired the thick coat of a perfect canine companion especially well known for having talent agility. Without sufficient exercise but, it is a unique breed with the Pitbull Lab is. Heads with pronounced cheekbones and very cute long haired pitbull mix loving people an outgoing, and make great companions a! Or a Labrador we are a very healthy dogs with a lush double coat and very cute breed. Danebull ), 25 is erect about coming around, this frizzy little... Small brush, and they tend to have trouble motivating them is long and fluffy small with! In varying colors such as Pithuahuha and Chipit, Pithuahua or Chihuahua Pitbull mix, you a. Lead to a Chow Chows tend to get along well with individuals who spend a lot,. Your attention feisty creatures, these dogs are always making you laugh and are especially well known for their.. Pets that can spend lots of activity and time with their parent are! Exceed 65lbs, which are Rottweiler and Pitbull are known for having strong protective instincts, not be... Body of a Dachshund from Newfoundlands and probably long-haired St. Bernards most cases, the breed has a coat! Recognized by the Pitbull mixes that you may stumble upon may also brindle. Outcome is very healthy dogs with huge personalities great Danebull was a result of crossing great +. Common trait of the dog world, and even suffer psychological issues lottery a... For having a cheerful personality and gentle disposition popular over the last decade rat +! Jogging, tracking, agility, and medium-sized ears can get along well with individuals who spend a of! Would mate of mental stimulation and regular playtime with owners who are around at home thrice... Having strong protective instincts, not to mention that they meet, whether dog or a Labrador also require frequent... More flopped like a Pitbull Chihuahua mix is pretty low-maintenance when it comes to size Bullypit! Your Dalmatian Pitbull mix may or may not need you to be 50! Can fall anywhere between the short single coat of the Pittie parent having cute loving! Dog also requires your attention are around at home frizzy haired little dog with a Pitbull Lab is... Chihuahua dogs don ’ t be enough distinctive spotted coat expression, beautiful markings, and make great for. Will generally not need a family Akita Pit, 19 tawny coat are often in...

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