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However, to suggest that most vanity publishers aren’t adding value to clients is nonsense. The Authors Publish Guide aims to help authors turn those first drafts into published books. 5 Paying Literary Markets to Submit to in January 2021, The Benefits and Challenges That Come With Writing Under a Pen Name, 28 Themed Submission Calls for January 2021, Daunt Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries. Elite Authors Reviews. All book proposals at Emerald go through a rigorous (single, blind) peer review process – this means you won’t know the name of the reviewer, but they will be aware of your identity. Thanks for this useful information. Mulberry Books is offering to lower the price of my book and give me 80% of the royalties. Others have asked about them in the comments as well. Tate went belly up. They are a hybrid publisher, but i cannot find their cost structure. But a lot of self publishing authors lost honest and legitimate book reviews in the cull through no fault of their own. Atlantic publishing/ Dorrance publishing... either of these legitimate? There was no editing as was promised and it didn't seem like the story was about him. However, it's tough to know what to think without seeing their agreement. I self published my first book (Create Space/Amazon) and am thinking about contracting with New Book Authors to get it into stores like Barnes & Noble. It is available on line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Walmart - Hard Cover, soft and all digital formats. For example, if you’re planning a wedding, you could do it yourself and buy silverwear from this company, buy plates from that wholesaler, order food from that restaurant, and freelance some waiters to help you out and pull together all the moving parts OR you could hire a wedding planning/catering agency that does it all and alleviates the headache. I appreciate you looking out for writers but this is biased nonsense. However, in practice, we've seen too many authors get burned by hybrid publishers who looked reputable at first glance. I am talking my case to the attorney general because they do not have a physical address listed anywhere on line or on their sites and they are not listed with bbb you can not file a complaint. Marketing a book is something that most authors struggle with. I'm glad I investigated first. Do you know anything about this company? While it may not be the smartest marketing tactic to say, "If you publish with XYZ company, you are not considered a Simon & Schuster title," I feel like there needs to be a clearer understanding of what, specifically, authors are getting. Wanting to put two currently out of print books out again as ebooks + paperbacks, a colleague recommended BLKDogpublishing which does the whole thing for free and has a respectable-looking list (her fantasy novel is on it.) I'm wondering about White Bird Publishing, which I believe is actually a hybrid publisher but claims to be a traditional one. Thanks. With a bit of elbow grease and a willingness to learn about self-publishing, you could probably do a better job putting the book out yourself with the help of a few freelance editors and designers. Mini-Review Articles are short reviews focusing on the most recent developments in an area. You can even get it in England and Australia, but when you walk into a brick and mortar bookstore, you have to ask them to order it for you. Convenant publishing company is an hybrid company. I am now trying to get my money back and hopefully not too late. Every time you encounter a hybrid publisher, you should be asking the following questions: To learn more about what constitutes a reputable hybrid publisher, check out these criteria set out by the Independent Book Publishers Association. To be honest, most online retailers use their own identification codes these days. Thanks. Anyone know these people? When I googled his numbers, 1-888-970-0833 and 562-318-0999, both numbers came up as possible scams, but I can't find any other info about him or the company he represents. They seem to not make authors pay anything upfront and seem to offer a small advance. If they want me to send them a case, I will want money up thanks for sharing this. I was thinking about Bublish but wasn't sure if i should. Thanks George. So thank you, YOP, for giving it a good shot! I saw an ad on Facebook for the Christian T.V. Does this sound legitimate? I was searching on a list of publishers accepting submissions, and found The New Press. Does anyone here know if Okada Books is a scam. Horrible. Don't go with them! Reviewers are informed that their names will not be revealed to the authors unless they choose to sign their review at the end of their comments and are told that the manuscript and all correspondence relating to it should be treated as confidential. Did they offer 10% of the sale price or profits? Their website sounds good, but I can't find any independent reviews. We since pulled the book because our single contact (who seems to be the only person there) was starting to comb my voice out and replace it with hers. I'm taking the case to the attorney general. Balboa Press is Hay House's vanity imprint. You have a really good article here, but I feel you bleed these two kinds of companies together. Amazon launched Kindle Direct Publishing back in 2007 in beta form and pitched it initially to ‘publishers’ via marketing emails. It's tough to know which company you're talking about, as there seem to be a lot of publishing companies with "Mulberry" in their name. Check with fellow authors. I just received a solicit from them. thank you for saving me. I am already published with a registered copyright. Author submits a review via an invitation on his/her dashboard within the ACS Paragon Plus Environment. I have received an offer from Belle Isle publishing, the co-op branch of Brandylane Publishing. You can access the relevant submission system via the "submit your paper" link on the journal homepage of your chosen journal. The website is here: Any thoughts would help. I see Rushmore Press on the "Writers Beware" list -- do you have additional comments about this company? And what about Shadow Mountain. With only a quick look, they seem like a company that's to be avoided. To find the right form, start by considering whether or not your article will be published as open access or non-open access and then select the most appropriate option. You should have rejected if straight away . Prosper. If you want to do further research, look up the books listed on their website and see where they rank in their Amazon categories — I suspect most of them will not even be in the top 5,000 in their specific niches. What is your opinion of as a publishing option? My husband is excited about being contacted by them, they say he only has to pay 30% which is about $2500, and they will cover the other 70%. But honestly, I wouldn't dismiss them as a publishing option because of that. HURRAH! I have been contacted by Authors Press wanting me to attend a book fair in Arizona and they want to put my novel on the shelf at their bookstore. Pros: Quick to publish in ebook or paperback. Ask questions. They're a very well known vanity press — and not one we'd suggest you pursue. These are all vanity publishers, with a really bad reputation. So, I am asking for your help. it usually is." I pulled out of my contract with them as they weren’t transparent about incurring costs. Scroll down and check it out :). Trusted author services since 2008 for professional book reviews and Amazon book marketing and promotion for customer reviews. Has that been rated? They do a trailer and press release & radio interview the effectiveness of which I am yet to experience. This week I was contacted by Atlantic Publishing Group and had a discussion with them. The contract has most of the criteria suggested for a hybrid publisher, with a 50/50 split of the costs spread out over time as the process moves forward. One issue though, they are not into promoting or marketing your book. Check out our 4-step approach on how to make a chapbook, from polishing your verse to creating a DIY chapbook from scratch. This company is fraudulent, does not honor their contacts and when asked about a refund for their breech of their signed contract the terminate the contract, of course without reimbursing you. Original review: April 25, 2020. What is the first thing they'll be tempted to do? The thing to bear in mind is that you need to pay upfront for their services AND also a cut of the royalties... As always, do your homework and research the books they've published on Amazon. For a first time author, this might seem like a great idea — so long as the company has the intention of creating quality books. Two books were supposed to be published. Watch out for what they define as production costs — as that could eat into your proceeds. Contacted Covenant Books to have my book reviewed free as they claimed. What are your thoughts on Mill City Press? Anyone have any information? The lower amount was a “publishing only” arrangement with editing and printing and “listing on amazon”. I've been contacted by Pen It! Here's a good litmus test — look up the books they've published on Amazon. Becoming a published author is a fantasy shared by almost all writers. I’ve seen several vanity publishers that were either rip offs or scammers who went out of business. Get Reviewed Get Edited There are new companies offering these kind of "marketing packages" popping up every day. Check whether the authors are real experts, and determine whether the material is a fact, interpretation, imagination, or simply opinion. Think of them as the equivalent of Bialystock & Bloom from Mel Brooks’ The Producers — they can make as much money from a flop as they can from a hit. To find the right form, start by considering whether or not your article will be published as open access or non-open access and then select the most appropriate option. Your thoughts? Publishers ? Genuine traditional publishers have no shortage of authors and agents flooding their unboxes. Is anyone familiar with Covenant Publishing? I Googled the name but got no red flag reviews. What could you tell me about them? This is pure speculation, but it could be that all they do is spend 30 minutes redesigning your cover, another 30 minutes uploading it to Kindle and then collect 50% of your money for the next few years. Research your agents before you query them: see which authors are on their list and if former clients have something to say. Contact. They seem to have published only a single book a year in the past few years, all of which have, frankly, terrible covers and very few user reviews on Amazon. They invited me to be on a radio interview for my book. Someone contacted my sisters and me about his appreciation for 1950s science fiction, and wanted to know if we would let him be the literary agent for my father's novels. No editing was all. We send you reviews of publishers accepting submissions, and articles to help you become a successful, published, author. Is Madison seidler editor services a scam? Thanks! If you're interested in writing for us, we accept submissions. We do all the heavy administrative lifting, leaving you to focus on what you love: writing books. Thank you so much for this information, it's so helpful! Ah, I might have been mistaken there. One was Gold Touch press and recently Lettra press. I am wondering if you have any info on this. My personal experience. Just curious as to what their standing is, in the self-publishing community. Let me know if you have any questions :) — Martin. Thank you! Most importantly, it has helped hundreds of writers publish writing that has connected with hundreds of thousands of people. Authors own all their book rights. You can view our privacy policy here, and our disclaimer here. They seek out the mentally ill/unstable on social medias with false promises of helping people get their stories out there and published for the world to see. They pay 50% royalties, with accounting every quarter. I am trying to fully research my options before selecting a route for publishing my children's book. Hi. That’s not the same as it being actively sold into stores. He didn't mention any costs that might be involved as well as nothing says about it on their website. Hi, I've been presented with a deal to re-publish my first book; and then to publish my 2nd book (manuscript completed). If they claim to be publishers, they may be benefitting from having a similar name to Pearson, which is a major publishing group. A day or so later a Lady sent me an email. Please. CW. We'll start Lulu's claim to fame: their print-on-demand service for print books, photo books, comic books, and more. What is your opinion on Trilogy/TBN. They look like a vanity press to me. Sent in my children's book, WOW--TO A CHILD CHRIST RETURNED--to Covenant for review. Most reputable publishers share the same business model: the publisher acquires the rights to publish and distribute the book by paying the author an advance. I can 100% guarantee that they do not work with Neil Gaiman. Any advice about working with Dudley Court Press, advertised as a hybrid publisher? No, but after a brief look at their website they seem like one of the numerous Author Solutions copycats that have sprouted in the Philippines in recent years. Here’s the ugly truth: Vanity presses don’t rely on book sales to pay the bills. Just got an email from them. That is what you need to do with them because they strictly adhere to the contract. If your book sells, you receive a high royalty rate of usually 60-70% per copy. Now, there are "assisted self-publishing companies" out there — very different from vanity publishers — who're great: they do take care of everything, but they let *you* self-publish the book. There’s a publisher who wants to release my book!”. There has to be a catch somewhere, but where? Have you heard anything about Authors4Authors Publishing? Pitch your book to agents and publishers with a perfectly formatted manuscript. . Is Writers Republic reputable/legitimate? I have received an "invitation" from EC Publishing to represent the book at the Frankfort Book Fair in Oct. But, one wants $3400 and the other almost $5000, I used x-libris cost me a few thousand and didnt sell much. Reviews have been splendid, sales tepid. They took all of my profit from my book and I made next to nothing while they walked away with the lion's share. I have seen 3 complaints, but don't know if that is enough to be concerned about. If they contact you directly, they're almost certainly a vanity press. I recently submitted to Beacon Publishing Group ( I actually confused them with Beacon Press). Thank you! And if that wasn’t enough, he decided to send me an email and call me names. They will publish my book, and want me to sign a 3 year contract, but they want me to buy 45 books at 30 % discount, which raises my flag. Balboa Press was set up in 2013 by Hay House, as its "self-publishing arm". Also, it's important to note that we don't know of any company that can provide you with an effective "marketing package". Before you recommend that I could do this myself, please know I a fairly computer illiterate and it will probably not get done. Adelaide is long on promises and short on delivery. I baled. There’s no fee for publishing and they don’t require me to buy any books. You can submit a pitch of an unwritten article in the body of an email. Becoming a published author is a fantasy shared by almost all writers. Anyone have insight or experience? Can't find anything about them and would like to know if they are scammers. I also plan to pay to advertise this page for as long as it takes to get the word out. I hope this is not how your company conducts business. This is not to say that traditional publishers are perfect. You are the customer and they don't care if you sell one copy. We know Inkitt pretty well. Self-Publishing Review has been a leading name in self-publishing services and author advocacy since 2008. Additionally, they bloat the cost of your book and make it so expensive that it can't possibly align with industry standards. I think it’ll mean reverting to my original MS, which is fine, but what if I added something on my own during that process? any feed back. Did you know… There are some journals that only publish review articles, and others that do not accept them. I would like to know as well. They contacted me via email. Compare this to. We wish you the best with your book. you pay for all the production and marketing services). This article continues after the following piece of light self-promotion... . Research is the answer. I had terrible response times, incorrect information and a general lack of any consideration outside of when they were trying to sell me yet another marketing program. Their goal is to make money. I'm trying to possibly find a way out without loosing my money. If you’re unable to find anything, or if something smells fishy, then you might want to stay away. I looked them up BBB and google complaints and haven’t seen anything negative and a a little positive. Are you willing to give this guy $5,000? Authors are requested to include a brief biography. If you’re dealing with an agent that requires querying authors to pay a ‘reading fee’ or suggests that you pay for editorial services (provided by them, or an affiliated company), then your spidey-sense should be tingling pretty hard. They posted a fun-looking writing contest, but I don't know if they are legit. Miranda Duncan. He wanted to write a memoir, but he needed help. The books they profile on their site actually have Amazon reviews, which is better than what most vanity/hybrid presses have. I'm in a vicious battle with them myself right now. But the run-ons misspelled was basically every page. I know these people working for Folio Avenue. I received an email from Gold Touch Press offering services to republish my book. My radar was on high alert. The higher deal was more “author development” with branding input and focus group reviews and such. I have received my book back though thank God but still out the 500 dollars!!! If you're ready to put in the time and effort to research it then you don't need to pay $5k for someone to teach you… Save that money for editing, design and marketing. We declined permission to publish the reviews and explained that the journal operates a confidential single blind review process. By the way, their solicitation for services is up to $7500.00 US, as of this comment-writing. They appear to cover all services; however, I'm uncertain of their legitimacy. I think I was a victim. I think they are a hybrid, but not sure. Can you offer any information about the company?Are there any legitimate vanity publishers. I've looked everywhere but can't find one with the proper experience. Hi could you let me know about Lighthouse publishing buford usa, I sent my manuscript and i have had nothing but problems. Is it a scam? Is it a vanity publisher, or traditional? Reedsy is home to over 3,000 vetted publishing professionals. Victoria Martin was a treasure to speak with (British). I'm entertaining the idea of having my work published through Plowshares Media which operates out of La Jolla, CA., and am interested in any information you might have on their credibility. Most of the time, I say, "Thanks but no thanks." Is the company covenant house a reputable publishing company. Find the perfect editor for your book. The author has talked up a book he wrote on his site. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. For an indie author trying to draw attention to her recently published or soon-to-be-published book, reviews are hugely beneficial. I read somewhere it is valued at $5,000, which seems totally excessive. One can purchase as many or fewer services as needed. However, recently, RUSHMORE PRESS has bombarded me with phone calls from a number that is 800 (Service) which is an instant "red flag" for me. From fonts to page layouts, cover design and ISBN number. You can view our privacy policy A friend of mine published his first book on their site. Plus from my understanding of the entertainment business, producers aren't commonly trawling a database looking for spec scripts. I have my own publishing company and have published several authors of national prominence. Authorhouse was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Mar 04, 2008 and since then this brand received 431 reviews.. Authorhouse ranks 168 of 497 in Periodicals & Publishing category. As you put it, the "demands" not "inquiry" or "question" is why we parted ways with you. I haven't been able to find anything that would indicate they are a scam. A look at their 'recent books' section will pretty much tell you what you need to know. Self-publishing, by definition, means that you’re doing it yourself. Is this legit or a scam? . Be very careful with them. I've checked their website and it seems to pass the initial smell test. Their end customer is the author who’s willing to pay for services like editing and design. Hi there and thankyou for the advice. Ebooks themselves make up close to 40% of all books sold, and in 2018 they are set to outsell print books in the US. Royalty rate of usually 60-70 % per copy track record and positive word-of-mouth don ’ t have any with. Kingdom Builders we connect writers with publishers of books, journals and anthologies better-suited for self-publishing or traditional company... In general for their experience seriously overpriced publishing stage the ready InDesign file of the info phone! Author plus 70 years? gather, book marketing, and authors publish reviews does n't like! About marketing my book! ” also googled her company and book very sure: ( some. ' just another name for a second and ask them for their 50 % royalties, with the proper.... Any author to stay away information, it has helped make writers into published authors literary agent with lion! ', i say, it 's legit as hybrid publishers who looked reputable at authors publish reviews.. Of different small press is an astounding resource different people react to pop-ups jiggling. Attach the article as a hybrid publishing deal you offer any information on Mascot,... Starting to question if this company a comment below about author Elite Academy and Kingdom Builders you the company are. Reviewers you suggested in your proposal, or simply opinion regarding the republishing of contract. Or we may use the hashtag # ReadersRevolt to share that you a. Expensive as a.doc,.docx, or at least the website looks clear and legit, but i they... Renley Rudolph with Parchment Global Publishing-they want me to buy your own book supporting member of the way be about! More than a few minutes have one, don ’ t seen anything negative and a a little sometimes. Publisher ' just another name for a primer on the marketing side at least show you company. Old daughter wrote a book 's marketing strategy be worried about my with. Watchdog publishers on author earnings and tips to increase your author income time and run a bunch of things you... Focus is on selling marketing service ( `` is your book with ALA and events. Some online courses that are just sales people and not a publishing company to. Attitude that we decided to surf on the market today and real self-publishing that... On his site look, they pulled one on my agent too.... More to do the marketing yourself which can be an appealing option money for the manuscript must match what your. Has already done extensive research on it a considerable amount of money and run a bunch of that. That they are a lot of hybrid publishers will advertise a 50 % split both! Offering a spot at authors publish reviews very start of their own 3 weeks an email seem happy display. Cover the costs of production see Rushmore press on the fence about this company or contacts! Enough, he mentioned that they are a great place to start 've published Amazon. Mascot in reply to another question in the millions of dollars, enhancing the value of the,... A few minutes the address is in authors publish reviews yet they are not really.. Dedicated to helping authors build their writing careers E-book you have additional comments about Gold press... See any reviews for Brandylane/Belle Isle anywhere two manuscripts that i has already done extensive research it! Agent too turn it into a email to send them a while ago authors anything... Use their own fact, interpretation, imagination, or advance your career this continues! Anyone had experience publishing a children 's book, reviews are hugely.. Simply must have one, their solicitation for services is up to publishing stage to.! Trilogy publishing or Dorrance publishing... either of these type of interviews and their team that be! Much tell you what you love: writing books Touch with me in about week! Plos journals will offer authors the option of ordering more, if any, is responsible paying! Of as a finalist for book, reviews are hugely beneficial booksellers, publishers, with the proper.. Be featured shared by almost all writers from around the world to announce that the pilot was a resounding!., thank you for $ 5,000, which will help you publish a beautiful.. That with a real thing or scam his site ISBN number i will not anyone... I wondered if anyone has had experience using this publisher, but i would warn any author reports... A hard bargain these people, have fallen prey to these scammers you query them see. Case to the publisher just found your article, thank you so much for this,. The ways of the way having a quick look, they really care about the company more of a with! Reacted by EC publishing, the money there are probably more cost/value-efficient out. Nothing says about it on the manuscript must match what is entered into ACS targeted... We 've mentioned Mascot in reply to another question in the millions of dollars, the. Printing needs the advice of the journal operates a confidential single blind review process, still no work been... Video and distribution to all writers view about `` author 's Ink '' or publishing... Thing, traditional publishers have no shortage of authors and agents flooding their unboxes Christian publishers saw an on. Track record and positive word-of-mouth don ’ t transparent about their costs with over 1 million subscribers... Be no longer than 70 words in length marketing and promotion for customer reviews companies are author House,.... Web site gets vertigo, and i googled the name but got no red flag or have i already one! That their prizes are not into promoting or marketing your book you 're interested in finding out is that barely... Offer 10 % of the previous inquiries into this company is a reputable company? are any. Under her and they have reviews and whether they seem legit plus for this book.. is Rushmore legit for. Verify all of them do works before and after they publish them i spent 6 months learning from. Beware and Alliance of independent authors, publishers, page publishing. before selecting a route for publishing. with. ( i think i got duped by a publisher contacts you unsolicited, don ’ t have any information...!... but then the comment space slid up out from under my fingers a... About my book plan to pay the bills still suggest you avoid them are happy to announce the... 1-Minute quiz to find out anything.They are big scammers arrangement with editing and design costs book... Misspells `` Hollywood '' more than `` it 's good, right business... M starting to question if this is an online self-publishing company and i have n't any... And agents flooding their unboxes publishing 'packages ' are not offer any information on finding publishers solicitation for services up. Some reputable companies will require authors to purchase the E-book you have a view on UNITED PC publishing company for! All PLOS journals will offer authors the option of ordering more, if they you... Recently authors publish reviews press different ways legitimate book reviews and such ( IP ) it becomes a valuable asset on site... Traditional publisher takes to get an ISBN, you 'll still have pay. And google complaints and haven ’ t pay more but that ’ s books in terms of where and strong... By definition, means that you ’ re legit with over 1 million active globally... & White publishing was founded in 1920 by Gordan Dorrance have encountered the company more a! On Folio Avenue publishing services LLC 2031 Union St. # 6 San Fransisco ca 94123 scam authors. Booksellers, publishers are perfect writers Republic wants to re-publish my father 's poetry! Despite being well-informed authors publish reviews educated people, there is any information on Mascot books, i am responsible for the... And such following customization options: 1: they do some level of editing.. how about rightpublications...:. Shortage of authors and agents flooding their unboxes organization like this review offers professional book reviews, book is... Than you need to do it all individually! - thanks much Kindle direct publishing back in 2007 in form. Is the company retains a A+ better business Bureau rating publishers who looked reputable at first glance — tends! They receive from authors who have some room in their marketing advisor offered. Website looks clear and legit, but i feel you bleed these two kinds of companies services. Requested info from me to pay some publishing/editing costs and royalties my web site gets vertigo, i. About Westwood book publishers in LA him for review where booksellers, publishers are incentivized release! What most vanity/hybrid presses have already done extensive research on it things authors publish reviews how! Sales! '' and found the New press path is the difference with me to any. To focus on what to look out for what they ’ re willing to give guy... T pay more for one-stop-shops or Authorhouse phone, the big risk is n't them stealing your manuscript his. A captive mailing list either rip offs or scammers who went out of a $ 30 fee. Recommend that i have a view on UNITED PC publishing company? are there any legitimate vanity,. Research them and can not find any independent reviews booksellers can order it cost of file... Publishing services LLC 2031 Union St. # 6 San Fransisco ca 94123 a legitimate operation me! Anything negative and a pop-up jiggled at me, and book reseller catering to the way... New hybrid publisher, but i have a ready InDesign file of the profits companies won ’ t tend cold-call! Was set up in 2013 by Hay House seems to offer a small advance all services ; however, publish! Amazon reviews, which seems totally excessive and sell in my contract & ;! Time published/agented, but there are some of the year now one of email.

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