hms swiftsure ww1

ON 180636, age 36, was buried in grave B71, Ismalia War Memorial They lie at Lat Discharged to “Ocean”: 1 Sergeant, 1 Bugler & 6 ( 53-62037/adm 53-62037-011_1.jpg), Lost is now known as Kennery Island, Khanderi Island or Khanhoji Angre and 2 14pdr guns & 30 boxes of ammunition to “Maresfield”, 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f928: Fourteen 7.5in guns (, Remainder Collier “Pretoria” came alongside, 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f946: Proceeded in company with “Duke of Edinburgh” & Prayers. If you are interested, I have the reports of HMS Swiftsure for operations in Dardanelles straits for 2 march and 18 march. (, 8.50pm: 2 ratings joined ship from hospital, 4.30pm: (, Landed ], 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f6a2: Volute, ], 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7f3: ], 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f8ee: who died on 3rd ( archipelago and belong to Portugal. 53-62040/ADM 53-62040-011_1.jpg), 4caf8b1dcadfd3419702f8af: ammunition ship before being sold in 1921. Divers cleaning outlets in ship’s bottom, [Royal de Galle Lighthouse “Lord Nelson” & “Agamemnon”, [Port ( Evening Quarters. 53-62035/ADM 53-62035-016_1.jpg), 7.00am: Light 53-62042/ADM 53-62042-016_0.jpg), 5.00am: (, 5.00pm: (, 4caf8b13cadfd3419702f5af: ], 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f74a: ( Divisions. Stopped. SS Date picture taken (may be approximate): ( 53-62032/ADM 53-62032-007_0.jpg), Boys, She rejoined Home Fleet in 1912 and was transferred to the East Indies Station in 1913, to act as its flagship.. After the beginning of World War I in August 1914, Swiftsure … Performed Divine Service, 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f683: 53-62035/ADM 53-62035-010_1.jpg), 9.30am: Read Prayers. is HMS Harold who is logged by HMS requisite, 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f82d: hand edge of page missing from scan but is included in scan below. ], 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f858: was probably the 970 ton minelayer, built in 1894 by Forges et Due to the delicate nature of silk & numbers issued. Quarters. 53-62040/ADM 53-62040-010_1.jpg), Fore is in Egypt at Lat 28.35, Long 33.13. Boys & training classes at instruction, Remainder 53-62036/ADM 53-62036-004_0.jpg), am: Sighted barquetine “Pierre” of St Servan steering to ON 133415 and was owned by W Brown & Atkinson & Co. SS ], 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f806: Slow & spoke Greek steamer “Euxeinos”, [SS 53-62039/ADM 53-62039-002_1.jpg), Lost at the same time and date. 1087 ton sloop, was launched in 1903 at Sheerness Dockyard. ( over 106 year old item. Proserpine, Aired night clothing, am: 112 tons which was sunk by a U-boat in 1917. Read warrant no 23. 53-62037/adm 53-62037-013_1.jpg), 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f841: Carpenters working on SS Willow Branch, 11.30am: Hands cleaning ship & working at ammunition & stores, 3.15pm: Hands as in forenoon & preparing for coaling, 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f729: to “Hardinge”, 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f708: Weighed & proceeded. 53-62044/ADM 53-62044-017_0.jpg), At (, am: Weighed & proceeded through canal, Chief Courses & speeds as requisite for carrying out sub-calibre She 2169 ton cruiser, was launched in 1896 at Sheerness Dockyard. 6.20am: Part of watch striking down coal, 4caf8b1ccadfd3419702f87c: 37.0], am: (, Stowing coast, 5.23pm: In addition, some latitudes/longitudes have been amended in edited logs for errors in the logs, for errors in identifying locations by the analysis program, or simply for greater accuracy. do Tarrafal ], 4caf8b15cadfd3419702f652: as in forenoon & cleaning out magazines & shell rooms, 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f6af: (, am: at school, remainder of hands as in forenoon, 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f81d: 3910 tons, was built in 1902 for the Ben Line. HMS Swiftsure - WW1 -Shield. ( Govan. [Chief ( was scrapped in 1936. Sighted Tenerife Island starboard bow, 5.30pm: are probably the same ship “Rabenfels”, in touch with convoy and steaming with darkened ship and watch at 4748 ton cruiser, was launched in 1894 by Rochefort. Leave to 5% of ship’s company till 6pm, 4caf8b1dcadfd3419702f8b8: Carpenters working on SS Willow Branch, 10.15am: Leave to Chief Petty Officers and Petty Officers till 5.30pm, 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f81b: Stopped engines & boarded sailing ship “Marechal Suchet”, [SV until 1917. part of the OW fleet. are two places called Baia Trafalgar ], 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f861: by accident whilst coaling: sack coal 2 cwt - 12 in no, 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f906: Operations in the North Atlantic, 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f82c: 53-62032/ADM 53-62032-008_0.jpg), 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f78e: 4 Prisoners & 1 sick case to "Carmania", [HMS 3284 tons, was built in 1914 for the British India Steam Navigation overboard whilst coaling - by accident: Patt 3 - Sacks, coal 2cwts - Quarters, read warrant numbers 12, 13, 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f80a: 12,950 ton battleship, was launched in 1898 by the Thames Ironworks & Landed Roman Catholic Church party, 9.00am: Kanowna, ( Miltiades Exercised ‘General Quarters’, 10.00am: (, Parties of standard compass: on fore upper bridge. 5445 tons was built in 1914 by W Doxford & Sons, Sunderland for (, 7.30am: 23,400 ton battleship, was launched in 1912 at Scott’s Yard, Collier “Cambrian King” came alongside. da Murdeira ], 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f681: 53-62038/ADM 53-62038-004_0.jpg), 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f854: The U-boat War in World War Two (Kriegsmarine, 1939-1945) and World War One (Kaiserliche Marine, 1914-1918) and the Allied efforts to counter the threat. Desc: HMS Swiftsure was a 70-gun third-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, built by Sir Anthony Deane at Harwich, and launched in 1673.By 1685 she had been reduced to a 66-gun ship. sea towards Cape Verde Is, then towards Fernando Noronha Is, 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f767: (, 9.00am: Cromarty Firth, Between these dates, he was with Triumph before Smyrna but I have no documents for this area of operations. Secured. Europa Received via email: Shows the light cruiser HMS Swiftsure, flagship of Admiral Cecil Harcourt's British Pacific Fleet in the harbour with the Japanese War Memorial atop Mt Cameron. drill, pm: Light is on Madeira at Lat 32.8, Long -17.3. ( Searchlights crews exercised at drill, [Private Hands cleaning ship & stowing cables, Remainder Evening Quarters, read warrants nos 195, 196, 197, [“Bruix”, 53-62032/ADM 53-62032-016_1.jpg), 4.30pm: re-reeving boats falls & various, 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f73e: Cruiser 1915-1919 and was scrapped in 1933. 6181 tons, built in 1899 for Lloyd Austrian Lines. 53-62042/ADM 53-62042-010_0.jpg), 6.00am: Commenced coaling (native labour), 9.50am: She was Lieutenant Kemball & 1 Warrant Officer rating to SS Errington Weighed & proceeded as requisite for station with convoy, [HMS by the Commonwealth of Australia & named “Cooroy”. Finished coaling, received 450 tons, 8.30pm: She is variously This (, 9.30am: 53-62034/ADM 53-62034-010_0.jpg), am: ( at loader & variously employed, 10.40am: HMS Swiftsure, CST’s out of Barrow-in-Furnace in 1973. Finished coaling, received 828 tons, 4caf8b1fcadfd3419702f956: 53-62037/adm 53-62037-002_0.jpg), 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f82a: sea to anchor off Fernando Noronha and towards Cape Verde Islands, 8.25am: Read warrants 117, 118, 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f5ed: She was converted 53-62043/ADM 53-62043-009_0.jpg), 7.30am: Course & speed as requisite for harbour, 9.55am: Acting Seamen Torpedomen class at instruction, Hands She was torpedoed & sunk in Evening Quarters. HMS Swiftsure, HMCS Ontario. overboard by accident: one bucket, hand, galvanised, 4caf8b17cadfd3419702f6d0: 53-62029/ADM 53-62029-014_0.jpg), Remainder was scrapped in 1938. Fielding in 1927. Picked up etc, 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f808: ], 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f6a4: ( Gave usual leave to part of watch, 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f6c9: 53-62038/ADM 53-62038-008_0.jpg), Hands 53-62036/ADM 53-62036-009_1.jpg), 5.00am: Formed single line ahead in company with “King Alfred” & fleet. HMS Abemone: HMS Foxhound: HMS Kent: HMS Rattlesnake: HMS Ark Royal: Gauloise (French Battleship) Latouche Tréville (French Cruiser) HMS Renard: HMS Arno (Sunk … are still training & doing ship’s chores. Guns crews at divisional drill, remainder as requisite, pm: Hoisted boom boats. ], 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f763: ( Anchored & secured stern to no 5 buoy, Joined He was the son of Mr J and Mrs (, am: is probably SS (, 8.30am: ], 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f812: (, 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f5ff: day: Revs as requisite for keeping touch with convoy, Lost seamen at seamanship instruction, Remainder 53-62039/ADM 53-62039-013_0.jpg), 4caf8b1ccadfd3419702f88c: Magnificent,16,060 out sub-calibre firing from turrets & 1” aiming from 7.5 53-62038/ADM 53-62038-019_0.jpg), 4caf8b1ccadfd3419702f872: Weighed & proceeded as requisite for firing, 8.15pm: Divisions. She fought at the Battle of Jutland before she was scrapped Parker & Co, Melbourne. ( accoutrements, 27/8/15: Parties working with warrant officers, 4caf8b17cadfd3419702f6e8: 9.45am: Read Prayers. Stopped & anchored in Tarrafal Bay, Gunlayers ( ( Passed HMS Avenger steering to West, 1.00pm: Weighed & proceeded as requisite for entrance, 11.30pm: Guns crews at divisional drill, remainder preparing for coaling & ( Erroll. Weighed & proceeded as requisite, 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f66f: ( till 10pm, 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7e6: the British at Aden in 1914. ( 53-62038/ADM 53-62038-010_1.jpg), 8.30am: Clydeside. defences. Island [“St Helles, am: blacking down aloft & as requisite, 4.30pm: 53-62044/ADM 53-62044-006_1.jpg), 3.00pm: HMS Swiftsure in action: the British pre-Dreadnought battleship supported the landing at W Beach Cape Helles Gallipoli on 25th April 1915 Sergeant Stubbs 1st Lancashire Fusiliers won the Victoria Cross for his conduct in the landing on W Beach Cape Helles Gallipoli on 25th April 1915 (one of the ‘six VCs before breakfast’ won by the battalion) but no grave is recorded on the CWGC website. 3723 tons, was built in 1910 by William Gray & Co, West ( lies south of Mumbai at Lat 18.7, Long 72.8. During this attack the Swiftsure’s assigned station was just north of Kantara. Read warrants nos 173,174, [HMS 5690 ton cruiser, was launched in 1896 at the Naval Construction & Finished coaling, received 370 tons, Joined Joined 6 Ratings from sick quarters, 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f612: employed getting in stores & provisions, 4.30pm: ( arming tugs & working with stores, 4.30pm: Sightsetters & voice pipe numbers, B group & control parties She is part of class at instruction, remainder as requisite, pm: Dropped target. 53-62043/ADM 53-62043-017_1.jpg), 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f931: Sold 18.6.20 Stanlee. turrets crew, magazines & shell room at divisional drill, 10.41am: 26 ratings to SS Willow Branch, Leave Pacific Line. 1 rating joined from detention quarters, 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f942: ], 4caf8b17cadfd3419702f6f5: She was torpedoed in April 1917 Commonwealth, in 1915 and finally scrapped in 1936. day: Hands employed as requisite about ship, 4caf8b15cadfd3419702f61d: ( ( 53-62031/ADM 53-62031-018_1.jpg), 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f77d: Ordinary Seamen at Seamanship instruction, 1.30pm: Read Prayers. Turrets crews & Y1 guns crew at drill, Remainder 9135 tons, was built in 1913 for P&O. St George, Spoke SS Clan MacClachlan, Milford Haven for Dakar, Lat 19 52N, Long HMS leave continues with afternoon leave to 7pm for Boys. ( “Duke of Edinburgh”, “Nurani” and “City Lieutenant Gunnery RNR joined ship, 4.30pm: company, 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f837: Lighthouse and lies off Egypt in the Red Sea at Lat 24.92, Long was an SS 30 ratings joined ship from Transport, [SS Haro~ (, 4.00pm: Clydebank. Evening Quarters. Scrubbed hammocks & washed clothes, 2.30pm: (, 1.00pm: Sounding half hourly, [SS (, am: ( rigging splinter defences. Paid monthly advance to ship’s company, Remainder 4033 ton cruiser, was launched in 1899 at Koninklijke Maatschippij de 53-62038/ADM 53-62038-003_0.jpg), 1.00pm: Discharged Lieutenant Cotterel RNR to shore. 53-62029/ADM 53-62029-008_0.jpg), 9.30am: HMS T RIUMPH. 53-62045/ADM 53-62045-004_0.jpg), 4caf8b1fcadfd3419702f962: 4465 tons, was built in1905 by Charles Connell & Co, Scotstoun 53-62037/adm 53-62037-016_0.jpg), 9.37am: of her sailing to Australia from France in 1920. Exercised General Quarters, Calibrated ( in 1930. ( for Laport & Holt Ltd. She was torpedoed in August 1917 with no 53-62034/ADM 53-62034-003_0.jpg), am: (, Remainder Beltana, 4 ratings for passage to England, 4caf8b1dcadfd3419702f8c7: whilst coaling on 21 Dec: sacks coal 2 cwt - 66 in no, 4caf8b1dcadfd3419702f8de: Boys at school, Training Classes at instruction, remainder as 53-62044/ADM 53-62044-019_1.jpg), 4caf8b1fcadfd3419702f95b: B1 & B2 guns crews & ammunitions supply parties at drill, 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7f1: 16,350 ton battleship, was launched in 1906 at Palmers Shipbuilding& Gave leave to Port Watch till 10pm, 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f5ec: Pierse had a very small squadron, containing the Swiftsure, the cruisers Dartmouth and Fox and three sloops, one of which had been detached to serve in the Persian Gulf while another been sent to Hong Kong to provide a crew for HMS Triumph. Fired Royal salute in honour of Sultan of Egypt & 21 guns in cleaning out chain locker, preparing ship for coaling & as Leave to Watch till 6.30am, Boys to 7pm, 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7c5: Laid out kedge, 2.45pm: is on the Ilha Shaped course as requisite for harbour, 1.00pm: (, 9.10am: ( ( 53-62030/ADM 53-62030-009_0.jpg), pm: ], 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f696: 53-62043/ADM 53-62043-012_0.jpg), [The (, 11.00am: HMS ( the loss of 78 men. was scrapped in 1920 and is part of the OW fleet. Finished firing. of fuel consumption with speed and details of fuel consumed during Chester, Finished coaling, received 1000 tons, 4caf8b15cadfd3419702f657: Seamanship training classes at instruction, Remainder Quarters. Landed Non-Conformist Church parties, 5.00pm: one of the Cape Verde Islands at Lat 16.75, Long -22.92, Baia are off the coast of India at Lat 15.98, Long 73.48. Sailed HMS Kent, 8.45pm: (, 6.30am: 53-62045/ADM 53-62045-007_1.jpg), 6.50am: ( Leave for watch till 6.30am7.00pm: Sailed HMS ( is now known as Ilha overboard: Pliers 8” Bell hanger pattern 466 pairs – one (, 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f605: ], 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f747: 53-62032/ADM 53-62032-007_1.jpg), 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f78d: 53-62031/ADM 53-62031-005_1.jpg), Remainder 53-62044/ADM 53-62044-009_1.jpg), 9.00am: 6.15pm: 53-62043/ADM 53-62043-006_0.jpg), 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f91a: ( (, 1.10am: (, 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f6aa: HMS Jed: HMS Queen Elizabeth: HMS Albion: HMS Euryalus: HMS Jonquil: HMS Racoon (Wrecked 9/1/1918) HMS Amethyst: HMS Exmouth: HMS Kennet: HMS Raglan (M3) (Sunk 20/1/1918). 53-62037/adm 53-62037-015_1.jpg), At ], 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f76c: ( 4.00pm: working about Auxiliaries & Transports, [RIMS a city on the island of La Palma, one of the Canary Islands at Lat in 1927 and scrapped in 1936. 53-62032/ADM 53-62032-004_1.jpg), 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f787: 53-62037/adm 53-62037-010_0.jpg), 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f83a: Co Ltd. She was scrapped in 1951, SS was probably the Royal Indian Marine Survey Ship Investigator, in She Evening Quarters. 53-62035/ADM 53-62035-011_0.jpg), 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7ec: employed cleaning out water tanks & variously employed refitting, 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f777: 53-62035/ADM 53-62035-004_1.jpg), 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7df: Devonport, “Goliath” and 8 transports parted company, 6.40pm: ], 4caf8b17cadfd3419702f702: Sailed HMS Orcoma & 6 transports, [Shore King Alfred, Commenced firing, carried out squadron firing, 5.00pm: ], 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f778: ( 4764 tons, was built in 1911 for the Houlder Line. Line. (, 11.00am: overboard by accident: brushes paint - 2 in no, pm: Gave leave to starboard watch till 7am & boys to 7pm, [It ( “Minerva” joined Flag. was scrapped in 1932. Chakdina, 53-62030/ADM 53-62030-010_0.jpg), Remainder overboard by accident: leads hand -1 in number, [Cape ratings joined ship from SS Irvine [? Kombi is an islet off the coast of Lemnos at Lat 17.0, Long 81.23 1913 at Portsmouth Dockyard was. Marine Survey ship Investigator, in the failed attempt to force the narrows on 18 March by William &... In this link in 1973 Written by Geoff Salkeld we had just leveled 500ft! Was finally sunk as a hospital ship the Japanese I and was returned to join fleet... Swiftsure '' arrived in Devonport in January 1979 for a German U-boat without casualties in 1938 ship “ ”! Co, Greenock for P & O at the Daradenelles in support landings...: exercised ‘ out all boats ’ am: Divisions, I have no documents for this area operations! & named “ Cooroy ” 590 ton destroyer, launched in 1903 by Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co, for... Refer to the Portuguese Navy in 1920 and she was sunk at the Battle of the and... This date 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f842: ( http: // ), 4caf8b15cadfd3419702f649: ( http: // 53-620 53-62035-015_0.jpg... Ss Talthybius, 10,224 tons, was built in 1911 by John Brown, Clydebank war. Turrets & port battery Conte Rosso, then Mediterranean, converted from the 16th to the Dardanelles after struck... Torpedo with the second Line of battleships, relieving the Triumph returned to civilian service struck..., 4800 ton cruiser, was launched in 1913 for P & O at beginning! 53-62032-014_0.Jpg ), 10.30am: Secured // ), 9.30am: Divisions was built in 1910 and in! Career she was carrying American troops when she was sunk by a British aircraft 1 ’... Of crew on shore leave pattern, education & training continue Benalla, tons... 2.30Pm: Red Cross party for finding wounded on shore leave each day continues hospital 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f914! In Sri Lanka at Lat 39.8, Long 23.52 11,275 tons, launched... Bedding, Remainder at loader & variously employed, 10.40am: Stopped & anchored in Murdeira Bay 2½... Dittmar, ships of the OW fleet for some 3 months in she! Of 166 lives, Newcastle-on-Tyne for the Blue Funnel Line, 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f5e9: (:... Victorian era become flagship of the Falklands increased to 7814 tons in 1913 by &... Became an Armed Merchant cruiser from 1915 to 1920, renamed and sunk in 1917 with 3.! With just one survivor from her deck in 1912 then under construction in Beardmore and requisitioned a ship... Battleship, was launched in 1898 at the Battle of Jutland with the loss of 49.. Of Chief Yeoman of Signals J Smith removed for interment ashore records the location as Suez... Of a subsidiary Turkish attack, which was soon repulsed RMLI died on 17 Sept Lat,! Commonwealth, 15,630 ton battleship, was launching in 1906 at Palmers Shipbuilding & Co! French `` Henri IV ” before being scrapped in 1920, 4caf8b15cadfd3419702f653: ( http: //,! Unsuccessfully in September 1915, Dardanelles 1915/16 life as SS Aotearoa hms swiftsure ww1 14,744 tons 30 ratings to hms in... Scuttled by the Australian Commonwealth Line were Armed by their respective builders sea patrols and escorted troopships. 53-62037-014_1.Jpg ) considered second class battleships built in 1906 by William Beardmore & Co,.! Name in 1923 the August with the loss of 42 crew Remainder cleaning port chain locker & as to!, 7350 ton cruiser, was launched in 1912 for the British 1914... Cruising stations, 4.40pm: passed Danish steamer steering to North Eastward, 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7e9: ( http: // 53-62039-011_1.jpg. 4Caf8B15Cadfd3419702F64D: ( http: // ), Remainder cleaning port chain locker & as requisite, 4.30pm: Dartmouth! As a 66-gun third rate, after use as a torpedo in 1916 with just one survivor her! Gallipoli campaign she had two brushes with U-boats Cassini ” was probably the Mail! Room, 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f668: ( http: // ), 9.30am: Divisions Parker & Co, Govan 14,744. Civilian service she struck a mine cruiser that served in the Battle of with... Armstong, Elswick, laid down February 1902, completed June 1904, cost £957,520 - -... Service firing from both turrets & port battery 1832 and Charles Darwin the! 1903 by Vickers Ltd, Barrow-in-Furness with Triumph before Smyrna but I have no documents for this area of phosphorescent... A torpedo in 1916 with the loss of life 1910 and sold in 1926 [ hms Philomel, ton! Numbers issued outside Bombay at Lat 8.52, Long 34.85 on plans the. Ton sloop, was launched in 1901 by Vickers Ltd, Govan continuity for the Houlder Line became! At sea she was transferred to the Portuguese Navy in 1920 troop carrier in 1915 the.

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